Financial Controller

Accounting / Financial Controller Services

  • Do you need access to timely and accurate management and accounting information to advance your business to achieve the full potential?
  • Do you want to fast track your development, and rather than building the skills in-house, you want access to a trained fully operational finance professional immediately?
  • Most medium and large businesses have a Financial Controller and/or a Chief Financial Officer to supply the necessary expertise.

There is also the concern that if you can afford the necessary skills for a full time finance professional, if there is not enough to keep this person occupied at a suitable level, you could end up with a business that is controlled by an ‘overdone’ financial control system.

Accounting Leverage is experienced in just this type of problem, what we can do is give you just the skills you need for just the time and effort required for your business.

We have the resources to allow us to be flexible with your needs.

On call but not on the payroll.


From our first hand experience of working with many other businesses at varying levels of development these are examples of how we can help you:

  • We bring the skills of practical experienced finance professionals to help you. ( this is not an ‘accounting office’ based person but operators that have had hand’s on experience at all levels of business development.)
  • We let you concentrate on your own ‘core’ business.
  • We are flexible and work and only get involved as much as you need.
  • We can help, stabilise and integrate new operations and then train your own people to maintain as necessary.
  • We can give you an independent and unbiased view of your business.
  • We can design and implement a KPI or other similar Management information key factors for your business.
  • Assist in selection of suitable and appropriate staff to complement your organisation.
  • Experienced with tight reporting guidelines.

We are practical, pragmatic experienced professionals, with the right mix of practical application and just the right amount of academic excellence in all our work. We teach it as well as ‘do it’. If necessary we are available ‘by your side’ through every small step if required. Our aim is to show and train you on how to run your businesses with the advantages of experience and knowledge.

Personal Principal to Client contact guaranteed where it counts.

Sample Case Study

Issue : Relative high cost of Accounting services and low satisfaction with reporting from in-house accountant.
Industry / Sector : Service/Hospitality industry.
Approach : Assessed workload requirements and skill base necessary to satisfy all requirements. Replaces in-house accountant with lower level bookkeeper for data control and contracted a part-time Financial Controller.
Outcomes :
  • Greater accuracy of data input.
  • Higher quality Management reporting on operation for Board.
  • Overall cost remained constant.
Issue : Lack of consolidated data for organisation operating 7 different shopping centres managed by 4 different property management companies .
Industry / Sector : Investor in independent shopping centres &office buildings.
Approach : Standardised reporting template set up, Part time data input person to prepare base data. Consolidated reports reviewed and exception reporting carried out on a monthly basis by an experienced Finance Manager on a contract basis.
Outcomes :
  • First consolidated reporting available to non executive Board.
  • Client able to accurately compare operations of various centres with aid of standardised reporting.
  • Client was also able to accurately assess effectiveness of various Property Managers.
Issue : Overseas based company with new operations in Australia, unfamiliar with local compliance and labour requirements in a start-up operation. Strong Corporate Governance requirement as parent is a listed company and has tight reporting deadlines..
Industry / Sector : Telecommunications and Broadcasting .
Approach : Assessed need for both local operations and requirements of overseas Head Office. Identified applicable compliance and employment requirements for intended operations. Trained employees with extra capacity in basic input and documentation. Trained professional Finance Manager with overseas experience available on monthly basis to finalise reporting and compliance needs.
Outcomes :
  • Head Office reporting and compliance done in a manner to facilitate easy consolidation.
  • Ensured local compliance up to date.
  • On call advice to Parent company finance department interpreted by finance professional rather than an ‘operational’ person, ensuring easier compliance in foreign jurisdiction.