Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial Services

Do you fit into one of the following categories?

  • New Australian businesses.
  • Foreign Groups operating subsidiary company or branch operations.
  • Acquiring existing local business entity.
  • Corporate compliance causing a growing headache.

All of these categories will face a range of unfamiliar obligations. All obligations simple enough once handled for the first time, however it is that ‘first’ time that we can help you and support you through the establishment process.

Just some of the requirements that need to be considered:

  • Australian Taxation requirements such as Tax returns & Goods & Services Tax (GST).
  • Financial reporting responsibilities.
  • Audit requirements for foreign owned Australian Companies.
  • Local employment mandatory requirements - such as :
  • Superannuation Guarantee Contributions (SGC)
  • Pay As You Earn(PAYE) deductions and remitting to ATO
  • Workers Compensation policies etc.
  • Local Australian business practices.
  • Directors of all companies increasingly personally liable for many issues, regardless of level of involvement.

We can help with all these requirements in firstly ensuring you comply and then either ensuring ongoing compliance or putting in place processes and/or systems to train your employees to carry out compliance activities.

Some of the area’s we can help with:

  • Understand local business practices and customs.
  • Select appropriate business structures.
  • Once appropriate structure selected, we can help put in place the legal documentation i.e. Incorporate Pty Ltd Companies and trusts etc as applicable.
  • Compliance with National and State tax obligations.
  • Obtain all necessary Australian Business registrations.
  • Advise on employment standards, requirements and obligations.
  • Recruit local management or professional staff.
  • Help co-ordinate Australian and parent country financial reporting obligations.

Both new local businesses, foreign subsidiary company , branch operations in Australia, people acquiring existing business entities for the first time face a range of unfamiliar obligations.

The goal of compliance in this area is to mitigate areas of potential business exposure with effective risk management systems and strategies.

We get involved only as much as you require and this involvement can change as the local skills are developed ‘in-house’ and there is an effective transfer of skills.

For example various options we have handled in past:

  • Set up only.
  • Set up and operate back office.
  • Set up, Recruit and Monitor local performance for overseas Head Office.
  • Set accounting and reporting structure in place and be ‘on call’ as needed.
  • Set up, ensure compliance and operate as agent for all Company Secretarial matters.
  • Act as Local agent.

As a guide but not limited to these, below is a list of how we can help businesses facilitate the establishment stage of their development.

  • Company Incorporations.
  • Foreign Company registrations.
  • Business Name registrations and renewals.
  • Domain Name registrations.
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and other formal compliance requirements.
  • Act as local agent for ASIC matters.
  • Organisation of AGMs and other meetings or resolutions.
  • Preparation and lodgement of ASIC returns and statutory minutes.
  • Advice on Audit relief for Foreign owned local companies if applicable.
  • Online search facilities for ASIC data if required.

Why Us?

  • Accounting Leverage

    Personal Service.

    Experienced with dealing with overseas based head offices.

    We attempt to make the advice clear and simple as possible when dealing with local or foreign corporate offices.

    Flexible approach to how much we become involved, can be contractual or casual basis.

    With our practical experience we supply the commercial common-sense.